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Online Gamers Anonymous

They share experiences, strengths and hope to assist in recovery from the problems caused by excessive game playing, whether it be computer, video, console, or on-line. Their community includes recovering gamers, family members, loved ones, friends, and concerned others.

Bounce Back: For Adults and Youth

This is a resource offered by the Canadian Mental Health Association. It is an evidenced based program to help those 15+ with depression, anxiety, and stress. This is a free service. If you would like to access the DVD's and/or coaching services, a referrals from your general physician is required. You can access the on-line services immediately.

On-Line Self-Help Books and Workbooks (Adults)

The Antidepressant Skills Workbook

On-Line Self-Help Books and Workbooks (Youth)

Self-help books, workbooks, audio, videos fora ranges of mental health issues.

On-Line Self-Help Books and Workbooks (Parents)

This is your resources section. You can use this space to publish relevant tips about therapy, new trends in psychology and legal resources for your visitors. Informational articles can be a great way to position yourself as an authority in your field, and keep your visitors engaged.

Local Library and Bookstores

There are many books and resources that you can find at your local library and/or bookstores.

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