While the main mode of services will continue to be on video, I will happily provide in-person appointments to a select few. 

I am a registered clinical psychologist in Vancouver, B.C. My mission in private practice is to provide individual and family psychotherapy and psychological assessments to treat adolescents and adults. It is my sincere hope that whether you are seeking help for yourself or your teenager, you would reach out to me.


You may contact me via email, phone, or the contact form to arrange a free consultation. 


I look forward to connecting with you.

What to Bring

Psychotherapy Services

  • I primarily offer a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) approach. The goal is to help individuals learn to identify their triggers, how their mental health impacts their life (i.e., school, work, family, social life), recognize any cognitive distortions, learn adaptive coping strategies, and manage a range of emotional and/or psychological difficulties. I am relatable, open-minded, and candid in my approach.

Psychotherapy Services

My areas of specialization and expertise range from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), a general emotion-focused approach, and the integration of excised exposure. My therapy practice consists of a versatile combination of thought-based and emotion-centric explorations, conducive to an atmosphere of self-examination and exposure. 


Confronted with an array of mental health symptoms, it is imperative to understand the pervasive nature of anxiety. Therefore, such symptoms as depression, chronic disease, a difficult phase in one’s life, or major transitions need to be addressed pointedly and in an informed manner. After all, anxiety accompanies the vast canvas of the human experience and it ought to be approached meticulously, involving thought, behaviour, and emotion. 


As a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, I am practiced in identifying presenting issues, interpreting the correlation between them, and ultimately providing an accurate and well-thought out diagnosis. 


Moreover, since the past tends to be the best predictor of the future, it is necessary to address one’s history holistically and carefully in order to lend clarity to the underlying issues we face.


One of the fundamental concepts of psychology is that it is indispensable that clients allow themselves exposure to the symptoms of anxiety, albeit in a gradual and agreed upon manner, so that anxiety can be targeted and, in time, mitigated. 


I am confident you will find my approach empathetic, relatable, and always candid.


  • Mood

  • Anxiety and worries

  • Trauma and abuse

  • PTSD

  • Confidence and self-esteem

  • Behavioural issues (e.g., anger)

  • Family Difficulties

  • Siblings

  • Bereavement

  • Parent separation and divorce

  • Difficulties at school

  • Emotion regulation

  • Sexuality

  • Video game addiction


  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Panic Attacks

  • Agoraphobia

  • Complex Trauma

  • Phobias

  • Social anxiety

  • Death anxiety

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

  • Family Difficulties (e.g., marriage, parenting)

  • Emotion management difficulties

  • Work challenges

  • Sexual Dysfunction

Psychological Assessments

In addition, I also provide comprehensive psychological testing, assessing for common psychiatric issues such as, mood and anxiety disorder, PTSD, ADHD, OCD, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, and various phobias. Moreover, I also specialize in psychoeducational/learning disorder assessments with a particular focus on intellectual functioning. Assessment results are beneficial in assisting with diagnosis and treatment planning.

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