The fee is $225.00 per 50 minute psychotherapy session. This is in accordance with recommendations made by the B.C. Psychological Association, which recommends $225.00 per 50 minute session.

Payment Methods

Fees must be paid in full at the beginning of each appointment unless alternate third party payment arrangements have been made in advance. I accept payment by cash, e-transfer, checks, and credit card. Please note, that there will be additional $5.00 charge when using credit cards.

Sliding Scale

I will be devoting 10% of my time to the underserved and will offer services based on a sliding scale. This will be considered based on availability and special circumstances. If you believe that you may be a good candidate, please write me a brief e-mail with an explanation as to why.


Self referral's are welcomed. No need to obtain a referral from your general physician.

Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP)

I am registered with CVAP, which is a government funded program. This program covers a portion of my full fee to help individuals recover from the effects of traumatic events. 


Check with your insurance provider to determine what coverage you have for the services provided by a Registered Psychologist. 

If any of these fees are not covered by your insurance or you have no plan, do note that these services are tax deductible as a medical expense.

Cancellation Policy

Please provide 48 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment. If you cancel within 48 hours, the following pay structure will be used (unless it is an unavoidable emergency):

  • 1 missed session:    $50.00

  • 2 missed sessions:   $100.00

  • 3 missed sessions:   $150.00

  • 4 missed sessions:   $200.00

  • 5+ missed sessions: $225.00


Please do not email me content related to your therapy sessions, as email is not completely secure or confidential. If you choose to communicate with me by email, be aware that all e-mails are retained in the logs of your and my internet service providers. While it is unlikely that someone will be looking at these logs, they are, in theory, available to be read by the system administrator(s) of the internet service provider. You should also know that any emails I receive from you and any responses that I send to you become a part of your legal record.

Emergency or Crisis

If you are experiencing an emergency or crisis, please call 911 or the BC Phone 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433) or go to the nearest hospital emergency room.

Skype or Telephone Sessions

Through the use of teletherapy, we can continue our sessions when either you and/or I are unable to attend the in-person session (i.e., vacation, sick, transportation). For those who live remotely or find that there is additional comfort and privacy in meeting out of their home or office, than this would be a suitable option.


 The use of internet voice and video conversation is a secure form of communication that is encrypted to protect your privacy. Cell phones offer the least amount of protection, landlines being fairly better. Of course, with any method of communication, there is the possibility that could lead to a breach of privacy and therefore confidentiality. 

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Registered Psychologist


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