Psychological Assessments

  • Mental Health Assessment

    • Clarifying mental health symptoms/diagnosis through a clinical interview and self-report questionnaires.

    • While it is not required, I strongly believe that screening should be done for psychological functioning. For instance, an individual’s presentation may be better explained by posttraumstic stress disorder (PTSD) or depression/anxiety than ADHD. For this reason, all assessments include this portion.

  • Psychoeducational Assessment

    • Learning Disability Assessment

      • Intelligence and academic achievement testing is used to determine if a learning disability is present (math, reading, or writing).

    • Intellectual Assessment

      • Used to determine giftedness and intellectual disabilities.

  • ADHD Assessment

    • Clinical interview, standardized questionnaires, intelligence testing, and executive functioning is used to assess the presence of ADHD.

  • Integrated Assessment

    • Blend of the aforementioned assessments.


  • Free 10 to 15 minute consultation.

  • Testing is typically completed in a full-day (6 to 8 hours). If additional time is needed, a second day will be scheduled.

  • Results are completed approximately three to four weeks after testing.

  • A feedback session is provided.

Evaluations include record reviews, clinical interviews, parent and teacher interviews, rating scales, observations, and standardized tests. A detailed report is written based on findings and recommendations.

What to Bring

  • Previous reports prepared by professionals

  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae (C.V.)

  • Report Cards

  • Medication list


  • Mental Health Assessment: $1300.00

  • Psychoeducational Assessment: $2800.00 (includes mental health assessment)

  • ADHD Assessment: $2800.00 (includes mental health assessment)

  • Integrated Assessments: $3400.00 (includes mental health assessment)d (includes 


  • Due to the demanding nature of these assessments, I schedule no more than one assessment per week. Please inquire as wait times can range from being seen immediately to a months time.  

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