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Psychological Assessments

The general purpose of assessments is to ascertain the provenance of a client’s presenting issues. Therefore, compiling an assessment meticulously and in an informed fashion is fundamental to a person’s overall psychological health. Assessments are necessary in delineating a smart course of action aimed at identifying the best possible course of action for diagnosing and planning the most suitable treatment.


It is of much importance that a client understands how indispensable it is that they equip themselves with the best tools and resources so that they can ensure better mental health, which, invariably translates to a higher quality of life. 


By way of context, assessments prove to be a helpful blueprint for one’s life so that at any point in time one can have the opportunity to refer to a carefully written report clearly delineating the possible origin of stress, trauma, or psychological hardship, as well as creating a framework for such neurodevelopmental disorders as ADHD, and learning disorders such as dyslexia and dyscalculia, varying degrees of intellectual disabilities, as well as cognitive giftedness.


By way of a specific example, getting an actual diagnosis of a disorder like ADHD requires a detailed assessment full of historical details, an array of psychological tests, direct conversation with lifelong referees, as well as a much careful examination of the client’s general symptomatology.


Below please find a list of psychological assessments I provide:

Mental Health Assessment:


  • This is a core assessment and one which will benefit anyone wishing to understand oneself better regardless of an absence or presence of severity.

  • The report will clarify mental health symptoms and previous diagnoses through a detailed evaluation.


  • Modern life presents many challenges and the more insight we have into our mental health, the better prepared we will be to address everything life throws at us. Hence, such a report will be an added benefit to anyone’s everyday experience.


Psychoeducational Assessments:


  • These assessments cover a wider array of disorders targeting both intellectual disability and learning disorders as well as giftedness. 


  • Learning Disabilities centre around intelligence and academic achievement for the purpose of ascertaining whether a learning disorder is present or not. Examples of learning disorders are dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia.


  • Intellectual functioning is used to determine giftedness as well as varying degrees of intellectual disabilities. 


ADHD Assessments:


  • ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder and the only way to accurately and responsibly determine its presence is by an intentional, thoughtful, and thorough analytical process equipped with a clinical interviews, standardized questionnaires, as well as executive functioning.


Integrated Assessments:


  • These assessments are a blend of the aforementioned assessments. 


  • Depending on the clinical presentation, this type of assessment needs to get explored beforehand in order to determine how involved the final assessment needs to be to best serve the needs and questions of the client. 


  • This type of report has the potential to be as detailed and comprehensive as the client and assessor deem appropriate and, as noted above, needs to be compiled in collaboration. 


Independent Medical Evaluations:

  • Independent Medical Examinations or as they are known in the field of psychology, Psycho-legal Assessments, are another active component of my practice. 

  • The generation of meticulous and unbiased reports highlighting all pertinent aspects of a case is something I take most seriously and ensure to complete assiduously and efficiently.


  • I prioritize such reports as well and I would welcome an opportunity to engage with you. 

The Process

  • Testing typically takes place over the course of two half-days. Many prefer to conduct the interview portion of testing over video.

  • A feedback session discussing details and findings.

Evaluations may include record reviews, clinical interviews, parent, sibling, peer, and teacher interviews, rating scales, observations, and standardized tests. Based on the findings and recommendations a detailed report shall be compiled which will also be reviewed closely. 

What to Bring

  • Previous reports prepared by professionals

  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae (C.V.)

  • Report Cards

  • Medication lists


Due to the demanding nature of these assessments, and a busy calendar, I tend to schedule one assessment per week. Please inquire as wait times, as they can change throughout the year. However, psychological assessments are a priority of my psychotherapy practice in Vancouver and I will offer you immediate support regarding timeline, scheduling, and fitting you in the calendar. 

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